Hi, I’m Joseph. I’ve started this blog to allow me to encapsulate some helpful topics in one place that can be accessible and offer knowledge about web development, automation, and information management configurations that can help you in your work life.

I’ve journeyed from a graphic design/web developer pathway into big data and information management, so I have a wide knowledge of technologies that I’d like to cover. Some of my posts will take the form of how to guides, but some will just be links to resources that I’ve found helpful and might help you.

If there is a topic you would like me to cover, or explore, please message me on my contact form so I can look into it further. No promises, but don’t hesitate to ask.

Disclaimer: If you find that some of my posts are commercial in nature, I’ll advise you that, yes, I will monetise my blog where there is opportunity to. You might find indirect advertising on this blog, to the side, in the forms of banners or similar, but within my content, and posts, I will not usually link to a service that I haven’t endorsed or tried myself.