Bulk operations in Acrobat

Have you ever wanted to perform the same operation on many files or many times in Acrobat? You can use actions for that.

I had a use case recently where I needed to convert a lot of PDFs into HTML format. I was going to try to automate it using python, or node, but then I remembered that Adobe photoshop used to have a batch process feature that allowed me to perform the same operation on lots of files in a folder, so I was convinced that Acrobat would have a similar feature.

I was right. Acrobat has an Actions feature, which allows you to create and edit actions to be performed on multiple files.

Here’s how I created the convert PDF to HTML action.

Open Acrobat and open the Actions tool. Go to Tools > Actions

Click on new action

Add the save action

Click on settings and choose Save as “Alternative format”, choose HTML from the dropdown. Set any of the other settings as you want them.

Now you can add multiple files when viewing this action on the right panel and navigating to the folder that contains your PDF files.

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