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Choices column in SharePoint: adding new item with PowerApps customised form

I have a choice column in SharePoint that allows a user to choose an option in a select menu when viewing a form.
In the default SharePoint form, when the option “Can add values manually” is enabled, a user is able to enter a new option to be added to the existing choices – it’s pretty neat.

When I used the customise form with PowerApps feature, available when viewing the list, I thought this functionality had been lost. I could not add new items to a choices column.

But now I can, using the update field for the Data card.

Go to your choice column and grab the value in the ‘items’ field.
In my case it is: Choices([@’WeeklyReport’].Projectname)

Next select the datacard that the choices column is in, and select the Update field. In my case, it initially has “DataCardValue3.Selected” as a value.

I change it to the following:

If(DataCardValue3.SearchText in
Choices([@’WeeklyReport’].Projectname).Value, DataCardValue3.Selected, {Value: DataCardValue3.SearchText})

Without going into too much detail, it’s checking if the search text exists, and if it does not, it adds it as the value.

Save and publish to SharePoint!

How to use it? When entering a value in the choices field, enter a new ‘search’ and then click off the field to leave the search text in the field. Continue filling in the rest of your form and the input will be saved when you submit the form/save.

Pretty simple, but magic.

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