Collaborative or competitive?

Are you a collaborative or a competitive colleague when it comes to your team?

Do you find yourself “keeping things to yourself”, obscuring work or processes so that you retain the knowledge or even worse, talking badly about other team members that are working along side you?

I know that I’ve often fallen into the trap of becoming competitive because of fear, and because I felt I needed to prove my value to people around me. It’s not a great mix.

Being competitive within a team of unmatched talents will isolate you and will not create a cohesive structure.

It’s hard to notice these types of behaviours within yourself. It’s also easy to try to justify the behaviour.

Destructive competitive behaviour shouldn’t be part of our work, it shouldn’t form part of our character, and it definitely shouldn’t become part of our culture.

How to stop being competitive

Here are some ways you can stop being competitive.

  1. Remove doubt when it comes to your work. Remove uncertainty wherever possible & ask questions. If the direction of your work is clear, you will have less fear and you will deliver it without fear.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Don’t compare ability, capability, capacity or salary, just to name a few.
  3. Don’t judge (unless you’re a Judge)
  4. Learn to listen. Stop responding all the time, sometimes you just need to receive.
  5. Talk about work instead of people. Address work issues, not people issues.
  6. Find ways to congratulate others.

Learn to win together

Your team needs you, but it is a team because it has all of you in one group. You are all winners together.

It sounds like a simple ideal, but sometimes it’s the most simple things that we most easily forget.

There’s a lot more that can be said than can be captured in one article, but I hope this has helped to shine a small spotlight on this topic.

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