Project management

The RASCI model for management of projects

What is the RASCI model? Well, you are going to love this… it’s an acronym! Whoohoo! It fits right into what we already do!

RASCI stands for
– Responsible
– Accountable
– Consulted
– Support
– Informed

It is a “responsibility assignment matrix”. So each letter stands for a responsibility that will be assigned to a specific person.


Is the person that is responsible for the delivery of the project. They can delegate tasks to be done, but they are ultimately the person that is in charge of moving everything along to completion.


This is a person that is responsible for approving the work. They are a person in authority that signs off work that the responsible person will attend to. They are accountable to the business, & speak for the business.


These people are subject matter experts, or stakeholders that need to be consulted for the work to be done properly, in context or appropriate for delivery.
This person helps with the research & scoping stage & can also be consulted during the project to see that deliverables are correctly implemented.


These people assist the responsible person to perform the task. In most technical tasks, they are the skilled workers that actually do the implementation of the project. Support persons can also be Consulted, because they are usually subject matter experts as well, but unlike the consulted person, these people can action tasks and are delegated work by the responsible person.


This is a person that needs to be kept up to date with the progress of the work. This might be an actual person that needs to have a Work In Progress (WIP) from time to time to allow them to report up their management chain, or the informed ‘person’ can actually just be a ‘report’ as well, that is used by several managers.

This matrix can help provide clarity to teams to allow them to feel like they all have a specific and defined role within a project.
It also allows people to play different parts depending on which project they are working on.
This model can also be used in an Agile project team to allow all the ‘players’ to have defined roles.

For more information on the RASCI responsibility matrix, look it up on Google, or Wikipedia and you’ll see how people have updated it and fashioned it to work with their team structure.