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Why you need GIT version control for your project

If you are not using GIT, then there are a few things that you are probably not doing as well as you could.

  1. You are not well-positioned to collaborate with other developers, share code or consume their code in your projects.
  2. You are not well-positioned to manage changes and versions in your code – and your changes aren’t visible to you.
  3. Your code is static, and you cannot be agile and try new things quickly without copying the whole project.

Just to name a few…

You are not ready to collaborate

You might be from the era that used to zip up a project folder, and send it by email. We now have online repositories, both public and private, paid and free, that allow us to put our code up, and potentially share it with anyone that has an internet connection.

Any new developer to your team can have instant access to your code simply by cloning your project.

Any changes you make and push to your repository are instantly available to all developers – they just need to pull down the changes.

Your changes are not visible to you

When your code breaks, you don’t know when or how your code broke. You can’t check when it was last working and you certainly can’t revert back to a previous version.
At least you know who introduced the problematic update though

Your project code is static and you cannot try new things quickly

Without GIT, you cannot quickly branch your code and try new features without affecting the whole project. You have to make a copy of the code, re-configure the folder paths and have a completely new instance of your project in order to ‘play’.

No man is an island, so why would you want to code this way? I hope I’ve convinced you that you are in need of GIT in your projects right now. It’s not hard to get started.