Good customer service & the definition of done

Every now and then I just need to rant. This time it’s about customer service…

I want to thank all customer service reps & people that help others to get stuff done. I hope you’ll take my rant as feedback.

I opened a support ticket, & I eagerly awaited a result. I was soon told in an email that my problem had been resolved.

The problem persisted.

It’s not so frustrating that the problem persisted, it’s more an issue that there was no confirmation that the issue had been resolved. The ticket was marked as resolved, & I felt like I was just left out in the cold. I would have to navigate the support system again from first level support, back up to the same level as before, to the person that presses the button, and whoopsie, we forgot to turn something on before telling you we’d finished the job.

If you’re a support person, don’t resolve tickets before things are confirmed. It creates an expectation that the work is done, when in fact it has not been finished.

sharonang / Pixabay

So imagine it this way… support is like cooking a chicken dinner. If it’s half cooked, delivered, then the customer is not going to want to eat it. Alternatively, they may actually eat the meal you dished out, and as expected, they will get sick of that chicken, and will probably throw up all over you.

Nobody wants this.
Be a good person. Do a great job.

Always cook support chickens all the way through. If you want to add some awesome sauce, that’s up to you.

Seriously, though, the definition of done should be that all the criteria have been fulfilled. If one part is missing or is un-tested, then you cannot really move it to the completed column.

You cannot really mark anything complete until you have checked that all items have been signed off.